Security Camera Systems

We are here to help you create the secure environment most suited to your needs, abilities, physical environment, situation and finances. A well-designed system offers countless benefits that will protect your property and belongings, result in a safer environment, and help you more effectively manage your business or home. Do you want to: deter burglars or vandals, prevent theft, improve productivity, and deliver peace of mind?

EverFocus dome cameraEverFocus Bullet Camera

Adam’s Lock & Security offers a variety of security camera systems and solutions to monitor activity around your home or business.  If you are looking to protect your family and home or are a commercial client interested in a full security camera system plan, give us a call.

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are a highly effective, easy to use electronic security solution utilized by homeowners to protect themselves, their belongings and their home. The system emits a piercing noise to alert you to a present danger and is loud enough to alert neighbors, and potentially scare off intruders from the scene.

There are many alarm system components available such as:

  • Motion & Glassbreak Detectors
  • Door & Window Contacts
  • Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Environmental (Low or High Temperature & Flood) Sensors
  • 24-Hour UL Monitoring Services

Honewell Keypad

Get the best security at home to protect you and your valuables… call Adam’s Lock, your local, trusted security professional. We’d be happy to perform a security assessment of your home and recommend the proper alarm system for you.

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